Outsourced Claims Management

Outsourced Claims Management

Every business, large or small, faces some level of claim activity.  These claims can take many forms depending on the nature of the business.  Business management and ownership often must decide whether to outsource management of these matters or to assign an internal resource to handle the claim activity.  Traditionally, this has meant a choice between paying “retail” rates to outside counsel, or dedicating an internal resource to provide these services at “wholesale” rates.  Often this decision is complicated by fluctuating levels of claim activity, making an internal dedicated resource impractical.

Larimer Law seeks to relieve this tension by providing outsourced claim handling at “wholesale” rates.  Whether you are a small company unable to dedicate internal resources to responding to claims, or a large multi-national corporation faced with abnormally high levels of claim activity, such as during a mass tort, product recall, or other period of high claim activity, Larimer Law can step in to manage, respond to, and work to resolve these claims efficiently and effectively.

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