E-Discovery and Information Management

With the proliferation of electronic data, even relatively minor cases can create significant eDiscovery burdens. Larimer Law has experience in managing complex document reviews and productions, and in assessing the adequacy of your document preservation, collection, and review policies and procedures, to ensure that your electronic discovery process is efficient, effective and defensible.

Larimer Law will work with you through the entire spectrum of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) to:

  • Implement document and information management systems designed to reduce data and documents retained in your enterprise to only those necessary.  Understanding the data and documents retained by your enterprise is the first step in reducing litigation risk (Learn more about Document Retention Consulting and Compliance Services);
  • Design preservation and collection protocols that ensure compliance with retention obligations and defensible document reviews;
  • Incorporate best practices in processing, reviewing, and producing documents collected for litigation;
  • Use the latest technologies and techniques, such as Technology Assisted Review tools and contract review teams, to conduct early case assessments, document reviews and productions, and to assist with data and information retention and disposal.

Achieve Significant Reduction In Documents Reviewed In Litigation Through Use of Technology Assisted Review

(Examples Below Are Actual Percentage Reductions Experienced in Real Cases)


Case 1


Case 2


Case 3

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